Tony Skrelunas was raised in Big Mountain, Navajo
Nation by his great grandparents. He has a  B.A. in
Small Business Management and a M.B.A., Masters
in Business Administration Degree, from Northern
Arizona University.   

Mr. Skrelunas currently:

• Is a Program Director at Grand Canyon Trust and
a partner in the Horizon Springs Partnership where
he leads highly innovative work that aims to enable
Hopi and Navajo communities and governments to create
sustainable economic development projects focused
in retail, tourism, and utility scale renewable energy sectors.

• Serves as chair of the Native American Bank
Community Development Corporation

• Serves as a stockholder for Southwest
Tradition Log Homes Inc, a manufacturer of
Log Cabin products using culturally relevant
and sustainable development methods such
as use of small diameter logs for elder

• Serves as Board Member of the Coconino County
Sustainable Development Initiative.

Tony is the former Executive Director of the Navajo
Nations Economic Development and Government
Development Divisions. He is widely known for his
management of massive changes to the Navajo
Nation including work on the Local Governance
Act of 1998, Securing Congressional Delegation
of Navajo Business Site Leasing, Changes to the
Sales Tax Code allow for local taxes,, change to
Land-Use Planning Policies, securing the first
grants from NAHASDA for Land Use Planning, and
developing an alternative local governance model
called Council of Nat’aa, based on the Navajo
Traditional Governance.

Tony is considered a premier expert in the
development of traditional forms of govern-
ment and the development of economic plans
that are in tune with local culture, vision, and
traditional values.  As such, he is a valuable
guide to the development of a high perform-
ance company that respects the Native
American values and ensuring a consulting
arm that truly helps achieve the Keya Vision
of sustainable, culturally cognizant

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Tony Skrelunas

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