Temashio Anderson is of the Dine' Nation of New
Mexico and the Clear Lake Band of Pomo Indians
from northern California. Anderson, is also a
graduate of Northern Arizona University with a
B.A. in Environmental Science and a B.A. in
Applied Indigenous Studies.  Currently, Anderson
is a graduate student at Kansas University.

Anderson, is also a member of the Native
Movement in his past works in community
activism and organizing and leading the Student
Native Movement Club of NAU campus.

Anderson, has been a key component in the
past in both the Black Mesa Water Coalition
and the Save The Peaks Movement.

Anderson, is a professional speaker on topics
of environmental protection and uranium
studies. Also a speakers on the subject of
substance abuse prevention / violence
prevention and a coordinator of sustainability
trainings and workshops.

Past Speaking Engagements and
  • Kansas State University Sustainability
  • Tloh Kin Straw Bale Workshop
  • Hopi Youth Probation Co-Facilitation
  • Corn Pollen Path Youth Camp Presenter
  • Peace & Balance Co-Facilitator

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