Newest profile: Shaleena Bertram from the
Lummi Nation from Washington State and
Brenda Gene of the Navajo Nation, Arizona,
Casper Loma-Dawa and Shawn Michael Perry.

    Brenda Gene holds a B.S. via Northern
    Arizona University in Secondary
    Education specializing in Physical
    Education and Health...
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    Casper Lomayesva is a Hopi / Diné singer
    who has created a sound that combines
    his native roots with the positive vibes
    of reggae music...
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    Shaleena Bertram is Lummi (Quileute and
    Nooksack). She has an A.A. in Business, a
    B.A. majoring in Psychology, and a Master’
    s Degree in Social Work from the U of W...
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    Shawn Michael Perry has taken multi-
    hyphenate to new heights. This singer,
    songwriter, actor, educator and activist
    born in southern Cali...
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Upcoming profiles: Keith Martinez, Bahe Whitethorne Jr.,
Levon Thomas, Lori Lee and much more.

NWN will be adding video interviews on this site in the
coming weeks. A few of the first interviews will include
Evon Peter, Tony Skerlunas, Jody Potts and Shawn
Michael Perry.

These interviews will be to share thoughts, opinions and
ideas from some of the great young leaders featured on
this site.

Native World Network is the movement that aims to bring
young professionals and entertainers to the forefront of
today's global market through  e-social-marketing and
online services.

Through this we are building a network of inspired,
influential and driven individuals from our communities to
create a positive change and outlook for Native Peoples.

We as Native People face many stereotypes and obstacles
in our everyday lives. However, not all stereotypes are
negative and not all obstacles are specific to Native

But truth is, at times negative energy and attitudes
surround the phrase "Native Peoples". So instead, we as
Native Peoples choose to control our own destinies and
not let it be "manifested" by others. In doing this we have
chosen to highlight those in our community that are
striving and excelling in the 21st century while effectively
/ successfully balancing traditions and the modern world.
    Tony Skrelunas

    Evon Peter

    Gordon Isaac

    Enei Begaye

    Sunshine Gottfriedson

    Jacoby Ellsbury

    Kelvin Long

    Temashio Anderson

    Shaleena Bertram

    Valencia Herder

    Twa-le Abrahamson

    Derrick Terry

    Cathy Rexford

    Mike Lowley

    Brenda Gene

    Alicia Montano

    JR Redwater

    Gayla Montano

    Gabriel Yaiva

    Shawn Michael Perry

    Bahe Whitethorne Jr.

    Keith Martinez

    Monte White

    Reynalda Terry

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