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The Summer Solstice is a revolutionary
hip-hop compilation. This compilation is
sponsored by the Black Mesa Water
Coalition, ECHOES, Indigenous Environ-
mental Network and the Peace and
Balance Project of the Native Movement.

This album was put together to bring
attention to the issue in native commun-
ities and to educate. Through music we
have seen that much can be accomplished
and many people brought together. We
have seen this firsthand with our first
compilation the "Winter Solstice - Save The Peaks Compilation".

On this compilation five prominent, national Native organizations have
joined to make this album a reality and show that through unifying we
can reach many more hands, minds and hearts.

1. Enei Begay's Introduction of Summer Solstice  
Mixed and recorded by G. Yaiva.
Produced by Simana Beats

2. Prophecies - Audio Pharmacy  
Produced and mixed by Teao                                                              
Courtesy of Audio Pharmacy Prescriptions

3. Some of us – Redwing
Written & produced by R. Thomas           
Courtesy of Nervous Wreck Productions

4. Unknown Soldier - Ill Methods                                                                   
Written by J. Brown, L. Hogue, K. Gallegos, M. Frazier             
Produced by Jay of Ill Methods                                                              
Courtesy of Ill Methods/Ability Sound

5. 10-12-92 Celebration? - Toltecka                                                       
Written by Toltecka                                                                                    
Produced by Cenzi Stilos                                                                     
Courtesy of Abyayala/Aquasonica Productions

6. Boss At This – Bigg Trub         
Written by R. Martin                    
Produced by Rico for Apocalypse Studios                                          
Courtesy of Izm Pakt Productions

7. Watchout Remix – Immortal Technique
Written & arranged by Immortal Technique  
Produced by Southpaw & DJ GI Joe                                                 
Courtesy of Viper Records                                                                 
Immortal Technique (ASCAP)       
Young Elite (ASCAP)                                                                                  
Joseph P. Rivera (ASCAP)

8. Many Ways To Grow Corn - Yaiva &   DJ SOE          
Written by G. Yaiva
Scratches by DJ SOE
Produced by Sir Nasty                                                                         
Courtesy of 4th World Entertainment

9. 3 Girl Stories - SupaMan                                                                     
Written & produced by SupaMan for Beatz Bionic                       
Courtesy of Rezawreckted Music

10. Scent of a Woman – Buggin' Malone                                                   
Written by Wayne Malone                                                                              
Mixed and Mastered by Kyle “Salvation” Sparks                       
Courtesy of Ancestor Records

11. Dreamer - Rudy G f/ Classik                                                        
Written by R. Gallegos & Classik                                                         
Produced by R. Gallegos

12. Which Side Are You On? - Rebal Diaz                                             
Written by Rodstarz, Lah Tere and G1                                               
Produced by G1

13. So Many More Words – 2Mex                                                            
Written and produced by 2Mex                                                                
Courtesy of LA 2 The Bay

14. Three Kings – RedCloud ft MaxOne and DJ Promote           
Written by RedCloud and MaxOne                                                  
Produced by DJ Promote                                                                       
Courtesy of Syntax Records

15. Cadence – The Chosen                                                                              
Written and produced by The Chosen                                                    
Courtesy of Folded Arms Productions

16. Babylon World – Casper Loma-Da-Wa                                                  
Written by Casper Lomayesva and the 602 Band                             
Music by William Banks, Julian Cambridge                               
Recorded at Dreamcatcher Recordings                                       
Engineered and mixed by Jim Hornaday, Casper & William Banks
Background vocals - Philly Blunt                                                        
Courtesy of 3rd Mesa Music

17. Raw – DJ He Took                                                                          
Produced by DJ He Took                                                                           
Courtesy of J. Jacobs

18. Raggedy Ass NDN's - Jihan Gearon                                        
Recorded & mixed by G. Yaiva                                                               
Produced by Shadow

On this compilation five prominent, national Native organizations have
joined to make this album a reality and show that through unifying we
can reach many more hands, minds and hearts.

Black Mesa Water Coalition is dedicated to preserving and protecting
Mother Earth & the integrity of Indigenous Peoples’ cultures, with the
vision of building sustainable & healthy communities. BMWC strives to
empower young people while building sustainable communities. BMWC
was instrumental in shutting down the Black Mesa mine in 2005 that
was pumping millions of gallons of pristine water to Nevada to power
the Mojave Generating Plant.

As young people, we have realized the need to protect and maintain
our diverse cultural identities. We understand the realities of this
immense challenge in this modern time and have chosen to work for
the identity of who we are as indigenous people. We also recognize the
imbalance of our current global state and its inhumanity, the impacts
that it has had on indigenous peoples, our challenge is now to heal the
traumas of colonization and support the strength of our traditional
knowledge, ways of life. ECHOES works to not only protect sacred sites
but is meeting this global challenge of healing and offering
environmental support.

The Indigenous Environmental Network is a network of Indigenous
Peoples empowering Indigenous Nations and communities towards
sustainable livelihoods, demanding environmental justice and
maintaining the Sacred Fire of our traditions.

Gang violence, domestic violence and substance abuse are now,
unfortunately a part of our everyday lives. Combating and educating is
what the Peace and Balance Project does through the Native
Movement. P&B is built around the philosophies of the Hopi and Dine'
people of the southwest. Hopi's are traditionally know as the peaceful
ones and live by a standard called LomaQuatsi or the good life. Dine' is
based around a teaching called Hozho' - the beauty way or literally
meaning living in balance.

Native Movement is an organization of leaders, artists and community
organizers. Our mission is to encourage, inspire, support individuals,
families, and communities in their pursuit of self-determination,
sustainability and healthy environments. We work from a foundation of
traditional knowledge and philosophy as well as cultural practices in
supporting social change.

Native World Network is a part of the Native Renaissance Group; the
movement group that aims to bring young professionals, speakers,
athletes and entertainers to the forefront of today's global market
through e-social-marketing and online services. Through this we are
building a network of inspired, influential and driven individuals from
our communities to create a positive change, outlook and future
created by us for us, Native Peoples.

The Navajo Green Jobs Coalition strives to create energy efficient, low
or non-polluting jobs for the Navajo Nation. In addition, the Green Jobs
resolution will support community lead Green Job initiatives and will
ultimately revitalize and preserve traditional values and practices. Also,
a Navajo Green Economy Commission would be established to oversee
this fund through an open and clear process.The Navajo Green Jobs
Coalition consists several organizations throughout the Navajo Nation
including but not limited to the following: the Speaker of the 21st
Navajo Nation Council, Black Mesa Water Coalition, Sierra Club, New
Energy Economy/1Sky NM, Grand Canyon Trust, New Mexico Youth
Organized and Dine C.A.R.E.

Tony Skrelunas

Evon Peter

Gordon Isaac

Enei Begaye

Sunshine Gottfriedson

Jacoby Ellsbury

Kelvin Long

Temashio Anderson

Shaleena Bertram

Valencia Herder

Twa-le Abrahamson

Derrick Terry

Cathy Rexford

Mike Lowley

Brenda Gene

Alicia Montano

JR Redwater

Gayla Montano

Gabriel Yaiva

Shawn Michael Perry

Bahe Whitethorne Jr.

Keith Martinez

Monte White

Reynalda Terry

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