Shawn Michael Perry has taken multi-hyphenate to
new heights. This singer, songwriter, actor, educator
and activist was born in Southern California into
indigenous heritage (his father is a Native American
of Salish ancestry; his mother, Panamanian of
Mayan ancestry), Shawn has embraced his culture,
past and present with an eye to the future.

The strength of his music and beauty of his words
was enhanced by producer John Avila, the talented
bassist/producer of Oingo Boingo.

Final polishing was added by the skillful mas-
tering techniques of Ron McMaster (Capitol

Due to their popularity, these songs are featured
on the new full-length CD, SHAWN MICHAEL
PERRY & ONLY THE BRAVE. Together with his
band, Only the Brave, Shawn is on the road,
spreading his message.

With the continued success of 'Forever', Shawn
Michael Perry has released an exclusive music video
to accompany the track. Produced and directed by
Shawn, this video is beautifully crafted, showing the
trials and tribulations of both love for close ones and
also, his indigenous heritage through powerful images.

With the video having been out a month, interest is
gaining from both fans and the music industries alike.

'Forever' is currently being submitted to MTV U.K,
who have expressed an interest, as well as 'The
Sundance Film Festival' who asked Shawn to
perform and show this video, which is a great
accomplishment. Great American Country
Television have also expressed an interest for
airing the video.
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