Gabriel Yaiva is known to many simply as a rapper,
music producer and promoter. Yaiva is involved in much
more then the entertainment and music scene.

Yaiva is Navajo and Hopi, originally from Pinon, AZ
and his father is from Hotevilla, AZ on 3rd mesa of the
Hopi reservation. However Yaiva grew up in and grad-
uated high school from Shiprock, NM.

Yaiva is of the Reed/Arrow clan and is born for the
Eagle clan. His maternal grandfather is of the Coyote
Pass People and his paternal grandfather is on the
Bear clan.

Yaiva is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in Applied
Indigenous Studies and a minor in Economic Development.  

Currently he is the Marketing Specialist for
Native Green Leadership Academy (a non-profit
green education group) and is a member of
KEYA Earth's management team (a for-profit
green building company). Through the work with
KEYA Earth and the NGLA, he has co-facilitated
economic development planning sessions, lead
sustainability workshops and presented class-
room with green educational resources.

He is also the director of
Peace and Balance, a youth outreach and
healthy living program of the Native Movement. Peace and Balance
focuses on violence prevention and actively does the "Education and
Healing Through Hip-Hop Tours" where Yaiva has per-
formed at many veneus and released his past 3 cd's
thru this program.

"The Speaking and Listening Tours" Yaiva spoke at
over 50 schools in 08 and 09 to an estimated
15 thousand students and is currently in the process
of planning the building of a youth retreat center on the
Navajo reservation.

Yaiva is a professional public speaker and a member
of the National Speakers Association. He speaks at
many universities and K-12 schools on topics ranging
from substance abuse / violence prevention, the music industry, goal
setting and achieving,  resiliency, view points of success, and living
balanced, happy lives.

He is the founder and owner of 4th World Ent-
ertainment, an independent record label and co-
founder of Native Renaissance, a social mark-
eting network and the owner of Native World
Enterprise that is focusing on key-note
speaking, marketing, graphic and web design.   

Yaiva's recent key-notes, facilitation,
projects and consulting:

  • Moenkopi Development Corp - Marketing
  • TANF Conference Denver - Presenter
  • Intertribal Conversations on the Colorado Plateau - Facilitation and
  • Bi'keh Hozho Community Development Corporation - Web Design
  • Grand Canyon Trust - Consultant
  • ELK Net of the BIE - Key-note speaker
  • Native America Calling - Interview about Peace and Balance youth
    project of Native Movement
  • Sanders School District - Key-note
  • Hunters Point Boarding School - Key-note
  • Tuba City Boarding School - Key-note
  • Hopi Sr. and Jr. High School - Key-note
  • Dilcon Community School - Key-note

More info on Yaiva:
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