"Motivating young leaders"

Evon Peter is Neetsaii Gwich’in (Alaska Native) from
a small mountain village in Northeast Alaska called
Vashraii K’oo.

Peter is a very spirited speaker and writer. He is also the
executive director of the
Native Movement.

"From a young age I chose to follow a path that has chall-
enged me to look within myself and into history, so that
we can build something healthier for the future gener-
ations" Peter's expressed and from this came the vision
of Native Movement of "Young leaders motivating the world's peoples toward
balanced relations with each other and Mother Earth".

Among Indigenous people there is a long history of speech making. They refer
to it as an oral tradition. In certain ceremony, cultural events, and meetings
there is often time for those inspired to stand and have their voice heard.
Stories, songs, and traditional knowledge is passed on to younger generations
in this way. For most of his life Peter has been
dedicated to carry on this tradition, sharing what
comes to his heart.

Peter's Past Speaking Engagements:

    PowerShift Keynote:
    College Park, Maryland
    (November 3rd, 2007) 15 Minutes
    Speech offered to six thousand people at
    national youth summit to address the climate crisis. Focus is on the depth
    of our inhumanity which enables oppression, exploitation, and impacts on
    the environment and people to be perpetuated.

    Bioneers Plenary:
    San Rafael, California
    (October 20th, 2007) 40 Minutes
    “An Indigenous Perspective on How to Survive the Next Hundred Years”
    was offered to a crowd of several thousand people with onstage
    accompaniment of thirty young Indigenous leaders. Focus is on
    addressing historic and contemporary injustice, with emphasis on the
    responsibility of each one of us to intentionally confront our own
    ignorance, ego, and pain.
    Available on DVD for $10. Send an e-mail (here) to request a copy.

    Sustainable Campuses Conference Keynote:
    London, Ontario (Canada)
    (September 29th, 2007) 1 hour
    A dive into traditional knowledge spiritual      
    understanding, and common sense as tools
    for helping to heal and transform humanity.
    The importance of young people as agents
    of healing and change in a world with trem-
    endous need. Living a life of balance within
    oneself and in our relations with one another
    and our natural environment.

    Environmental Grantmakers
    Association Fall Retreat:
    Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico
    (September 25th, 2007) 45 Minutes
    Panel presentation on “The Cultural Roots of Environmentalism”.
    Emphasis was on Indigenous youth engaged in local cultural and
    environmental revitalization.

    Roots of Peacemaking: Indigenous Values, Global Crisis
    Onondaga Lake, New York
    (September 20th, 2007) 15 Minutes
    Speech with Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) leaders and friends at
    Onondaga Lake, the birthplace of democracy. Emphasis was on how
    important it is to focus on the internal dysfunction we are carrying within
    us and that until we clean ourselves up and become peaceful within, we
    will most likely fail to clean up our environment and find peace among one

    Spiritual Activation Series: The Evolution of Yoga and Social Change
    San Francisco, California
    (May 27th, 2007) 45 Minutes
    A talk shared at Yoga Sangha in collaboration with Katchie Ananda. Focus
    was on my path to self-consciousness, leadership, and social change.

    Humboldt State University
    Arcata, California
    (October 10th, 2006) 2 Hours
    Speech offered to five hundred people on Indigenous Peoples rights and
    Environmental Justice.
    Audio excerpt may become available
    later this year.

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