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Down 4 A Struggle
A beautiful collaboration between Yaiva and
soulful singer Angel Deluna has quickly become
a staple on Indigenous radio stations' play lists.

The ode to Native women, or women in general
is a favorite among female listeners and one of
the most requested songs.

This version appears on the Limited Edition
album and is often preformed at Yaiva's live
Down 4 A Struggle - Lyrics

Verse Two

she called me kokopelli
cuz i played her a sweet tune
while she rubbed on my belly
I'm a one women man
she said "i don't think so"
but really baby girl
you rule my world
give me your hand
I'll set your mind a twirl
i ain't playing
she took it upon herself to read between the
lines of everything in was saying
100% sincere
otherwise you wouldn't have let me in here
illone in your life chamber
ready and locked like danger
68, now i see things from her perspective
a pulse of retrospective
i remember when i said i was a gift to the
female kind
and made myself a prisoner of my own
two years of fine tuned refinement
you gotta be down for a struggle
I'm looking to the future
speaking in the past tense
saying every things gonna be alright
now go ahead and believe that
so i took her, now let's went
yesterday, today and tomorrow
Verse Three

In conclusion baby girl
we finished in unison
climax in all aspects
heart, mind, body and soul
back when i hadn't met you yet
you were Chochiti,
and in dreams before
Hopi, apache, Inca, Blackfeet, Seminole,
and in nights to come she'll be
Navajo, Arapaho, Spokane, Sioux and creek
always prominent cheekbones
brown skin tone
untouchable, statuesque
long black hair
the color of the night sky the moon never met
and a thousand year old twinkle in her eye

are you down for a struggle
tell me that your down
cuz I'm so down for you
Verse One

Its just ill one nation under a groove baby
show and prove baby
i like the way you move baby
your hips, gyrating
I said "why do you keep a brother waiting"
I'm holding my breathe
now if i was Mohegan
I'd be one of the last good ones left
cuz all i wanna do is unify, brown sugar
lets talk about you and i good looker
my red fox hot to trot
I'll be a wolf in sheep's clothing (proper disguise)
i don't wanna tell you no lies
cuz i don't only wanna get between them thighs
let me get lost in them brown eyes
aboriginal princess
your precious enough to be granted
unconditional wishes.
My diamond in the rough
what if i was your prince
your warrior in silver and turquoise armor.
The bomber
cuz seems that ever since I've been shooting for
your heart
i been hitting
so i gotta step my game down a notch
drop explode on target
i want it all or nothing baby
it don't stop, it don't stop.
(c) G Yaiva, 4WEnt
Written and Performed by G Yaiva and Angel Deluna
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