Derrick Terry is Dine from the community of Wide
Ruins, AZ, currently living in Window Rock, AZ.

Terry is the director of Tloh Kin Project (Navajo for
straw bale house). Tloh Kin a non-profit straw bale
home educational and sustainable building workshop
series, that is dedicated to educating about green-
sustainable building technologies.

Terry, is also one of the five original founding
members of KEYA Earth, the Native owned sustainable
development corporation.  

He brings a fearless passion for sustainable
building and a "do-whatever-it-takes" mentality.
He is passionate about teaching and running
sustainable building workshops for First Nations

The Tloh Kin project over the summer of 2007
sparked an interest in sustainable building
within Navajo communities. This was done by
Terry and the Tloh Kin Project hosting a ten day
straw-bale building workshop.

The result were over 100 workshop attendee's,
a straw-bale home on the Navajo reservation
and the knowledge of local peoples that there
are sustainable alternatives to home building.
This energy has remained strong and gained
momentum for the upcoming workshops for
the summer of 2008.

For more info on upcoming workshops, to
contribute or to just contact Derrick Terry:
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