The Hopi Indian Reservation sits atop three mesas
tucked away in a remote corner of northeast Arizona.
It may be one of the few places in America where
religion and culture are a part of everyday life. In many
ways, things have not changed much over the last
thousand years. Life is simple here. The peaceful calm
remains. But in the distance you can hear a new voice.

CASPER LOMAYESVA is a Hopi / Diné singer who
has created a sound that combines his native roots
with the positive vibes of reggae music. Casper’s music is filled with hope
and power. The words are a reflection of his own philosophy on life,
influenced not only by the sounds of crucial reggae music but of
traditional Hopi culture.

CASPER cites his grandfather, Sankey Lomayesva as having the biggest
influence on his life and his music. CASPER will tell you this is Hopi
reality, "I'm just a messenger passing though
life, a soldier of this generation.  People need to
know that oppression and poverty is a fact of
life on the rez, just like any big city in America."

It was a little more than ten years ago that a
“culture connection” was formed between
The Hopi Nation and the island of Jamaica. In
1985 Freddie McGregor became the first Jam-
aican reggae artist to ever perform on an Indian Reservation.  There was a
special feeling that developed between the reggae artists that came out to
the reservation and the Hopi people. The message in the music was
something that people on the reservation understood.  As a result,
Reggae lnna Hopiland was born.  

The cultural connection was so powerful that it brought some of the
biggest names in reggae music to a place so isolated that it is a two-hour
drive just to have a pizza. Superstars such as Black Uhuru, Third World,
Steel Pulse, and Burning Spear have all been here. In fact Freddie
McGregor has come back five times since his initial visit because he says
the Hopi people are the warmest and friendliest people he has ever
performed for.

For immediate release: January 1, 2010

With the overwhelming success of his first and
second CDs, CASPER LOMAYESVA is a man on a
musical mission.  This Hopi / Diné native has spent
the past years traveling throughout the country per-
forming his unique reggae sound and exposing the
realities of life on the reservation.

His third CD, entitled “Honor the People” has been released
on his own record label Third Mesa Music, and is currently
being played on radio stations throughout the world... He is
currently finishing up on his fourth cd project entitled
“Brothers Keeper”, due out in January of 2010.

CASPER has attained a popularity that goes beyond the
traditional musical boundaries. He has opened for many
musical greats such as Femi Kuti, Burning Spear, and the
legendary Wailers. He has performed at the Annual New
Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival twice, the 2009
American Indian Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC. in January and just
recently at Madison Square Garden in New York City for the Pete Seeger
birthday celebration in May   

CASPER’S success lies in his unique musical
vision, and it comes straight from the heart.  
His lyrics tell the stories of reservation life.  It is
front-page news that’s never been heard.  The
music is reggae with a blend of herbs and
spices from a variety of musical influences.
Same tree…different branch.

“My music has a blend of conscious, traditional
rhythms with a reggae flare,” says Casper. “The
music has always been a way for me to comm-
unicate my struggles and accomplishments
with others.”  The Beat magazine describes it
as, “somewhat reminiscent of Pablo Moses”
(one of the legends in reggae music). The New
York Times featured Casper in a front page
article, citing his music and lyrics as trans-
cending cultural and musical boundaries.  

Check him out for yourself. CASPER is the
real thing.  And it’s refreshing, in this time of
corporate commercialized music, to catch
the vibes of something unique flowing through
the land.

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