Brenda Gene, Dine, is Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak
Wood), born for To'aheedlinii (Water-FlowsTogether).

Brenda holds a B.S. via Northern Arizona University
in Secondary Education specializing in Physical Edu-
cation and School Health.

She is a natural teacher and speaker and as a result,
presents lessons that are understandable and engaging
for all.

As a speaker, she has presented numerous times
on health-related subjects to audiences ranging
from kindergarten to elderly.

As a teacher, she has taught PE and Health
on and off the Navajo reservation including
Adaptive PE which focuses on students with
severe mental and physical disabilities.

Brenda’s passion for physical education and
health has helped her become recognized as
a leader in native youth fitness and health promotion
regularly consulting with various reservation schools
on these particular content areas.

Her teaching engagements are known to be powerful
and memorable with comments such as “the best,
awesome!”, “knowledgeable, entertaining, lively and
patient” and “students really comprehend and are

She has had the success of operating an outstanding
school health program earning her school a STAR
award from the Navajo Nation Health Promotion.

Brenda is currently a Health Educator for the
Coconino County Health Department, located
in Flagstaff, AZ. While in that position she has
received a National Public Service Award for
her work in Tobacco Education.

Brenda pursues her love for physical activity
outside of her profession as well by playing
softball (her first true love) every summer and
taking advantage of the high-altitude by running
regularly. One of her goals in 2010 is to run a
marathon – that’s 26.2 miles!

Update: Brenda ran a marathon in 2010.

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