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"All Falls Down" is one of my favorite tracks
on the new album. Its a straight hip-hop type
of joint bout rhyme skills and talking on
haters in the game. Hip-hop is and always
has been very competitive, so with this joint
we are talking about  taking out the
All Fall Down - Lyrics

Verse One

You see what i told them
is you better know the time
cuz your life is on the line
got no time to be wasting
brace myself for the impact
thinking like the terror squad as i pull the level
and lean back and chill
more about the feeling that we be fending for
the roar when we rock floors and bleachers
even when we in the lowest decibals
its so amazing who the voice reaches
predictions said I would have been done two
years before 21
now we loving this life that we living
still, we like peaches and cream
chillin in the middle, for a little, more then a riddle
solve one
we likely to come under fire
take me higher, higher, higher
then we unload, lax mode
then we coming back for four more
skeet, skeet, on the low, low
cuz they don't know
\whats happening in the back rows
Verse Two

my vernacular is spectacular
spectators getting more then they bargain for
cuz it makes me wanna holla
when i ain't getting my dollar's worth
and I'm feelin ya no stealin your loot
when i
deliver mine
live as electricity
inspirations divine as serendipity
i tow bloodlines that span the southwest
like the Rio Grande
they said they want the realness
but it ain't no fun
if they ain't bringing none
super lyrical, this shit is getting critical
a great sense of urgency
hip hop's in a state of emergency
some the first to be on the waiting list
cuz no matter how much we ask
"if your feeling this?"
i really think they're missing the point
cuz its over their head, over their head.......
(c) G Yaiva, 4WEnt
Written and Performed by G Yaiva
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